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12 best skincare products with avocado oil.

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Cooking with avocado oil brings so much happiness to our kitchens (and to our stomachs), but did you know that personal care products that use avocado oil as an ingredient can also make you smile? That’s because you’ll enjoy the benefits of avocado oil’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its key nutrients like vitamins A, D, and E, which will do wonders for your hair and skin. Avocado oil for hair can prevent hair loss, as well as help your hair grow, while avocado oil for skin can hydrate and balance your skin.

For the best avocado oil skincare and hair care products, check out our best-of list to see what’s available at Grove. Our list features must-haves like this Acure Radically Rejuvenating Serum Stick and this Yes To Avocado Fragrance-Free Daily Mineral Lotion SPF 15, perfect for all avocado lovers.

This list of products was determined by ratings and reviews from Grove members.

1. Yes To Avocado Fragrance-Free Daily Hand Cream

product image

Treat hardworking, cracked hands with Yes To Avocado Fragrance-Free Daily Hand Cream. Made with a nutrient-rich formula of avocado oil, omega-3 fatty acids, and super-hydrating hyaluronic acid, this non-greasy cream absorbs quickly for a rich dose of moisture on chapped hands, rough cuticles, dry heels, and anywhere that could use a little extra …

3 oz
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2. Yes To Avocado Fragrance-Free Cream Mask - Single Use

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When your dry skin is starving for hydration, give your pores some extra nourishment with a Yes To Avocado Fragrance-Free Cream Mask. Like all Yes To products, this hydrating mask is made with 95% natural ingredients—including a perfect portion of creamy shea butter and avocado oil to leave your skin feeling supple and soft while it cleanses. Each …

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3. Naturally London Rosehip Hydrating Cuticle Oil with Willow Bark

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An easy-to-use cuticle pen that conditions dry cuticles and promotes healthy nails, and skin. A beautiful combination of hydration and moisturization to heal dry cuticles and soften, which promotes healthy nails. This gel-like oil is handcrafted with skin soothers like aloe, lavender and rosehip.


Gently exfoliate and soften your …
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4. Jason Jason Vitamin E Skin Oil, 5,000 IU

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Cure cracked, dry skin with Jason. This Jason Vitamin E Skin Oil, 5,000 IU uses natural oils from almonds, apricots, avocados, sunflowers, and wheat germ to help renew your skin’s natural softness. It’s biodegradable and Leaping Bunny–certified, and it has been rigorously tested to ensure it's safe and efficient. This Jason vitamin E skin oil can …

4 Oz
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5. Rooted Beauty R7 Complex Facial Oil

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This rejuvenating facial oil offers deep moisture and serum-level nourishment. Rooted Beauty’s R7 Complex — a signature blend of seven antioxidant-rich root extracts — plus vitamin C-rich rosehip oil, prickly pear oil to help restore elasticity, and ultra moisturizing avocado oil, is a powerful treatment for all skin types and concerns. With a …
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6. Naturally London Calendula Infused Healing Foot Balm with Brazilian Cupuacu Butter

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We recommend jumping feet first into using this Naturally London Calendula Infused Healing Foot Balm with Brazilian Cupuacu Butter. Why you ask? Because this foot repair cream is made with organic ingredients like Brazilian Cupuacu butter, beeswax, and Bulgarian lavender. Plus, it’s scented with 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils, and it’s 100% …

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7. Acure Radically Rejuvenating Serum Stick

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Get a fresher, younger, and healthier appearance by adding serum into your skincare routine. This Acure Radically Rejuvenating Serum Stick is easy to take with you anywhere to make sure you never miss a day of skin pampering, and it’s easy-to-twist package makes it super simple to use. It’s made with natural ingredients such as marula oil, rose, …

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8. Henné Organics Lip Mask

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When your lips are dry, chapped, and cracked, give your kisser some much-needed TLC. This Henné Organics Lip Mask is like a facial mask, but just for your lips. Unlike lip balms, this creamy mask wipes off while it moisturizes your lips. The lusciously smooth texture will restore and rejuvenate your sensitive skin in no time.

Like what you see? …

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9. Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion

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Quench dry, thirsty skin with Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion. Nourishing ingredients like avocado oil, jojoba oil, and soybean moisturize your skin and help prevent wrinkles and fine lines. This hydrating lotion is 99-percent natural and doesn't contain any phthalates or petrolatum. The consistency is thick but not greasy, and won’t leave …

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10. Naturally London Moisturizing Foot Polish with Calendula

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Take care of yourself at home and skip the in-person trips to the pedicurist with this Naturally London Moisturizing Foot Polish with Calendula. With the healing powers of avocado, jojoba, and vitamin E, this natural foot wash uses nature’s best ingredients to get your feet feeling and looking their best. This Naturally London Moisturizing Foot …

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11. Yes To Avocado Fragrance-Free Daily Mineral Lotion SPF 15

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The one where your skin meets the sun and everyone gets along.

Creamy, spreadable and fragrance-free. This one-stop shop for skin nourishment and broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection blends in easily without the oily residue. This mineral sunscreen sits on the skin and doesn’t go in (unlike chemical sunscreens).

For perfectly hydrated skin and …

1.7 fl oz
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12. Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara

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Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara is the product your lashes have been begging for. Volumizing, nourishing, and made with hero ingredients like mamey and avocado oils, this lash-strengthening formula truly does it all. Oh, and did we mention it’s waterproof, smudge-proof and long-lasting? Yes, it really does get this good.

Read up on more of …

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Is avocado oil good for you?

Avocado oil for cooking and baking is a great choice to use in the kitchen, but did you know avocado oil is also good for your skin and hair, too? Not only has avocado oil been linked to possibly lowering both cholesterol and blood pressure, but it also is used in numerous beauty products for skincare and haircare. That’s because avocado oil for skin is packed with nutrients like vitamin E to help build a strong foundation for your skin and hair.

To enjoy avocado oil benefits while cooking, you can pick up a bottle of oil at your local grocery store, but to indulge in the luxury of avocado oil for personal care, just check out our list above of Grove's best skincare and hair care products with avocado oil that includes best sellers like this Yes To Avocado Fragrance-Free Daily Mineral Lotion SPF 15.

Is avocado oil good for hair?

If you’re one who's always looking for new ways to make your hair stronger and healthier, you’re not alone. The more heat and products we use on our hair can leave behind damage and sometimes even despair. Hair care products that include avocado oil can help replenish our hair even as we age. Here are some avocado oil benefits we think are worth mentioning:

  • It moisturizes
  • It repairs hair
  • It helps strengthen and prevent hair from breaking by sealing cuticles
  • Vitamin E (found in avocado oil) supports your scalp to create a strong base for your hair
  • Avocado oil naturally contains biotin — a big go-to nutrient for hair care and growth

You might already be using products that have avocado oil in them, but if you don’t you can check out our list above of the best avocado oil hair care products. Plus, here’s a simple hair care trick you can do at home if you have a bottle of avocado oil on hand — massage a nickel-sized amount of oil onto your scalp to get your blood flowing and unblock follicles that may have been clogged. This little trick may possibly fight hair loss, too.

Avocado oil vs. olive oil: What's the difference?

Avocado oil and olive oil are both used in the kitchen, but when it comes to the world of personal care, these oils offer different benefits depending on which you choose. Both oils do boost skin health, as well as help with wound healing, but they each also have different benefits, too. Take a look below at what sets them apart.

Olive oil benefits:

  • It’s safe to use on sensitive skin to hydrate
  • Olive oil works to repair damaged skin
  • It may help fight signs of aging

Plus, you can also use olive oil by itself to remove makeup — try these Grove Co. 100% Organic Cotton Rounds with your oil for an eco-friendly makeup remover.

Avocado oil benefits:

  • It hydrates, moisturizes, and replenishes skin
  • Avocado oil can calm itchy skin
  • The best avocado oil will heal chapped skin
  • It can protect your skin from damage and shield your skin from harmful UV rays

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